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Licensed and bonded professional private investigation and protective agent services

Family Investigations

Sandlie Consulting investigators uncover critical evidence in the fragile and often complex world of family law disputes. Hiring our investigators brings legitimacy to the findings and credibility to court testimony. Inquire about custody and safety investigations, missing persons , uncovering hidden assets and complex document management.

Criminal Defense Investigations

The investigators of Sandlie Consulting bring nearly 50 years of criminal investigation experience to your case. They understand proper criminal investigations and recognize when there are gaps in procedures that may have an affect your criminal case.

Workplace Investigations

With 30 years of HR experience, Master's Degree education in Human Resource Management and an impeccable record of success, Sandlie Consuting investigators provide neutral fact-finding to businesses and employees . Inquire about harassment or discrimination allegations, executive background investigations, computer forensics, theft, and/or fraud.

Commercial Vehicle Investigations / Corporate Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Risk Assessments

For law firms: Any accident that leaves your client injured is traumatic and those involving commercial vehicles are highly complex. Our on staff investigators are subject matter experts regarding the rules and regulations that companies must follow to insure motoring safety. Our investigators will assist you in uncovering potential advantageous evidence for your case.

For our corporate clients: We provide a comprehensive risk assessment of your highly regulated commercial vehicle safety program and provide recommendations for risk mitigation. Identifying potential costly liabilities and highlighting where you are exposed will allow you to proactively address your risk.

Corporate Threat Assessments

We provide a thorough front to back threat and vulnerability assessment. Our threat assessment process will help you to secure your organization. Our approach examines security from every angle to mitigate risks.


"a superior job with analyzing data and finding a solution to areas where we fall short. She asks tough questions and really makes you think about situations from varied perspectives. I would highly recommend" - corporate client

"asks the tough questions and gets to the root quickly. She's a delight to work with and I highly recommend her" - corporate client

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